Notary Public

A notary public is a person authorized by the state to administer oaths, take acknowledgements, certify documents, and to take depositions if the notary is also a court reporter. The signature and seal or stamp of a notary public is necessary to attest to the oath of truth of a person making an affidavit, and to attest that a person has acknowledged that he/she executed a deed, power of attorney or other document, and is required for recording in public records. The Secretary of State of each state appoints notaries public for a specified term of years; a notary public must see proof of identity of those swearing and keep an official journal of documents notarized. The authority is good only in the state which appoints the notary.

Notary Public Duties:

  • To attest deeds, agreements and other instruments, in order to give them authenticity.
  • To protest notes, bills of exchange and the like.
  • To certify copies of agreements and other instruments.

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